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Colour Coding  - Each story has a pairing listed, but colour coding it makes it easier to spot.  I colour coded the pairings I most often read.
Brian/Justin, Gale/Randy, Severus/Harry, Squall/Seifer, Yamato/Taichi
(or Matt/Tai), Momoshiro/Ryoma.
All other pairings and gen fics are in white.

The following two codes are entirely my opinion.  Someone else could completely disagree with me.  I don't care.  These codes are simply to get across simply and effectively, what I felt about the story.

#  - This symbol means that the story is one of the fics that I love going back over and re-reading.  Colour doesn't matter in this one, it changes depending on the pairing.  Some may wonder what makes a story re-readable to me.  Well, several factors.  Passable grammar/puncuation/etc., good characterization, an original story line and generally a fic that can play with my emotions (make me laugh, cry, etc.).  Fics in the Severus/Harry category tend to get the # symbol if I love the banter in the fic.  To me, that's what makes the pairing so special and unique out of all the other HP pairings.

-_-  - This symbol means that the story is definitely *not* in my top five list, or even top hundred.
I decided to colour code it to get more specific.  I also decided to include each coloured symbol that I feel represent the story. 
-_- - So many spelling/grammar/puncuation mistakes that it makes my eyes ache
-_-   - Story inconsistancies.  Tiny example: Harry's a head taller than Severus.  Suddenly he can comfortably rest his chin on Severus' shoulder without slouching.
-_-   - Dull diologue, or the author goes off on another character that I could care less about, this colour also includes too much original characters that try to steal the show
-_- - This means I simply disliked the way the story is written, even if the plot is good.  An example could be poor description (or maybe too much), or the type of story where it's a play by play (ex: Harry sat down.  He stood up.  He yawned and walked around, pacing.  He sat down again.  He straightened and went to the bathroom.  He unzipped his fly and relieved himself.  He flushed the toilet ....  -you get the idea).  Or I could simply dislike the story in general, just from my point of view.  An example could be a very SM scene between Severus and Harry. 
-_- - And this of course is entirely my own opinion, but this colour stands for what I believe to be very OOC characters/diologue.  This also includes stories where the character's relationship moves way too fast, since it's kinda the same thing.
-_- - This one basically means that I disliked the story and there were few, if any, redeeming qualities abou it

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